Saturday, April 16, 2011


Well, I've been so lazy these days and there's so much NOT going on that I never really got a chance to post until now. Things are as boring and as Slendy-free as normal, sadly enough. I'm back home, due to the fact that my father's in the hospital due to a bleed in his brain (oh well. . .). So I'm going to be here until he comes back home (and when he comes home, it's back to my brother's place. . .). Haven't really been following our bloggers much, mostly just been watching marble hornets, everymanHYBRID and Tribe Twelve. There actually haven't been any new HYBRID or Tribe Twelve videos since my last post, but a couple new marble hornets vids have been put up since then, so I may as well recap what happened.

First of all, there's "enttry #37". Now, according to what Dr. Cairo said on his compileTRUTH blog 2 weeks ago when the video was posted, it actually was Alex Kralie's birthday, so Happy Belated Birthday, you shit-head. Entry #38 was posted shortly afterwards; it covered old footage of Alex and Jay (who was holding the camera at the time) walking through a wooded area, and Alex was telling an old story about the significance of the woods they were in (you can watch the video yourself to get it explained to you, I'm too tired to watch the video again and remember what he was talking about). A little while later, entry #39 was posted, although I haven't gotten the chance to watch through it all yet, so I don't know if the video is old tape footage or happening during this time period.

compileTRUTH put up a compilation of the youtube channel known as "Angel's Game". In what he compiles for the first few months, Slender Man isn't seen, but based on the preview that Dr. Cairo put in at the end of the video for the next few months compilation, Slender Man is definitely involved in this. Anyways, check out the Angel's Game channel, if you can't find it by searching for it on Youtube, get the link from the compilation video that Dr. Cairo put up. It's worth a watch.

Tribe Twelve hasn't put up anything new since Nature Trail Visit, so I'm going to ignore them.

Ditto for everymanHYBRID.

As for me, I don't want to say I'm getting bored.

Because if I say that, He'll come after me. He wants to frig with my head; instead it's ME that's frigging with my head.

Oh well.

Joel D. is getting pretty tired too. I can see it right on his face.

We don't want to say we're getting bored.

We're not getting bored.

I think I saw Him at the Silver Threads Club last night while driving home with my mom (uh, the Silver Threads Club is basically a place for old people to go to when they're bored; they hold anniversary events there and stuff). Anyways, we drove by the big window in front, and I saw a dude facing towards the street, wearing what looked like a suit. Didn't see a face either. Then again, we were driving at 80 km an hour, so I guess it would have looked like he didn't have a face, but it still freaked me out just a little.

"Okay, I think I just saw Slender Man at the Silver Threads Club," I had said to my mom.

As usual, she gave me a funny look (she thinks the Slender Man is just a fun little game we play. . .)

"I thought the Slender Man only went after children," she said. "Why would he be at the Silver Threads Club?"

And as usual, she was humoring me. She's never actually seen any of the youtube videos of Slender Man, but she always remembers all the stuff that I tell her.

"Well, yeah," I said. "But some people are haunted by the Slender Man as children; then if they get away safe, He comes back for them when they're older." (hence Alex Kralie and Zeke Strahm).

Then she just laughed under her breath and continued driving. Like I said, it could have just been my eyes playing with me, but you never know; Slender Man may have been playing chess or something with the old people.

"What did you say, sonny? You'll have to speak up!"

"Gimme mah twenny dollars."

That's probably the gist of how it would go.