Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Time for Slendy to Reveal His True Self. . .

Hey guys. Nothing new around here so I'm just going to do what I always do and not say any more.

For possibly the first time in all the videos on Youtube, Slender Man has finally revealed his true form. If you guys have seen Noah's newest video, "Nature Trail Visit", then you can agree with me that Noah has finally snapped and that Slender Man isn't frigging around anymore with his mentally insane victim. Well, at least I can relate with Noah's insanity. . . Anyways, Slender Man really showed his true colors in this video. At 9:38 in the 14:01 minute video, Slender Man is seen at the top of the Observation tower, with probably a good 8 arms coming out from his back. It's only a brief look though, and the visuals on the camera are a little screwy, so you only get about a second to look at him. Even so, Noah challenges the Slender Man head on. He even chases Him to the Observation tower, but unfortunately for him, Slender Man is already gone. Noah then falls off his bike and seems to have a few muscles spasms (I'm assuming this because the visuals go all weird and the camera shakes violently). He then wakes up at the harbour outside his house, where he went with Milo in one of the Submissions.

Also, Marble Hornets added another video; Joel D. and I were more or less a teensy bit disturbed by it. Very strange video, creeped me out a little, but at least it gave me a bit more information to work with. From the video, I can assume that Alex may have been haunted by the Slender Man as a child, maybe forgot/got over it, and then was haunted again in 2009 while he was in college (or whatever year he began getting haunted again, I don't know what year it was).

To wrap up the Daily Runner News, I'm going to say a few interesting things about EverymanHYBRID. Vincent, Jeff, and their friend Jess recently took a little field trip to a storage house, and found some interesting things, including a few tapes. However, very strangely, the garage door that was open mysteriously closed on its own and didn't open back up, leaving the HYBRID group in the dark. So, Vincent took a lighter, ignited a small flame enough for them to see, and guess what he saw? Ole' Slendy standing in the corner of the warehouse, causing the camera to go all slow-mo awesome and Vincent to bleed through his nose and mouth.  The camera cuts out soon afterwards so I'm assuming that the HYBRIDS eventually fell asleep or got knocked out by Him. When they woke up, it was 'morning' - to them at least. The garage door opened, and this man walked inside, walking past the boys, with a small rocking horse. He set the rocking horse down, said he was 'sorry' and then left, shutting the door behind him. Now, this is just me rambling, but I think Slender Man may have actually sent them back in time to another one of his hauntings, or at least, the aftermath of his haunting.

That's it for now guys. Talk to you later, peace be with you.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Train of thought drawing.

Woods from behind the house.

Woods from behind the house.
Woods from behind the house (seems a bit more grim than the others for some reason).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey guys, I've finally got access to my sister's iPod, so I'm going to upload a picture of the Slender Man tree that's sitting outside my bedroom window. It looks like this from almost every angle possible.

Can you see it? It's not that hard to miss. It's right in the center, and it appears with his 'arms' stretched up above his head. It even looks like he's wearing a tie.

I may upload a video later. Until then, stay safe, and peace be with you.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are You Looking for Me?

To start off, Tribe Twelve put up a new video about 18 hours ago; it's another video that the 'observer' put up on Noah's page without him knowing. For an Observer vid, it's quite long (over 3 minutes). It's basically just a bunch of messages that the Observer is sending to Noah (basic Observer video). It's titled "COMECLOSER" so go ahead and watch it.

Joel D. pointed out something strange about this video to me the other day. It took me a moment to get what he was saying, but when I did, I felt a little creeped out.

The COMECLOSER video was uploaded a day ago (I'm just saying a day for now to make this easier to understand, it's been a few days since the video was actually uploaded).

However, it said that the last time Noah visited the page was a month ago. That information should have changed to 'yesterday' or 'a day ago' if he uploaded a video. Obviously, either Youtube made a glitch, or someone, most likely the observer, was able to hack into his file and upload a video without making it look like Noah actually visited his page. I don't think it's really something to think too much about; just food for thought.

Things are still quiet down here though. Boring. Dull. I guess maybe I should be thankful, considering that I'm free to do as I please without the Operator breathing down my neck, but now it's getting to the point that it's just pissing me off.

But things are indeed happening down here. Ever since I came down here to my brother's, where I'm currently residing, people have been getting picked off like flies, or at least, near to it.

Joel D. had a seizure a few weeks ago. However, I wasn't living at my brother's at the time. It could be Slendy, or it could just be the fact that he hadn't slept for a good 24 hours and then headed straight to the computer after he got off the plane from Florida.

My grandmother's sister died the other day.

My great-grandmother (mother of the grandmother stated above) died shortly after.

My grandfather on my dad's side was found on the floor, unconscious, and has been diagnosed as to having pneumonia, but my brother and I find that completely strange considering that pneumonia doesn't cause its victims to be unconscious.

My 3-year-old brother apparently got scratched really really badly by a stray cat the other day, got 14 stitches, and has to get cosmetic surgery.

A local of our town, someone who has been friends with my father for a long time, had apparently been hanging down at the lake with my dad and his friend, and was found dead the next morning. He had apparently thrown up one of his kidneys, according to the rumors.

The thing is, besides the friend, and my brother, everyone else was on my father's side of the family.

And it's because of my father that I'm down here at my brother's house, staying with him, his wife, and his 1-year-old son, my nephew.

Thing is, my dad yelled at me again for no flipping reason, and I ended up calling my brother and asked him to take me down there until things got sorted out. That was last Friday. I'm still down here, trying to get things resolved. But everything is happening one after the other, and it's really pissing me off.

Are you haunting my father, Slendy Slendy?

If you are, finish your job quickly and efficiently.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Found You.

Hey guys. We found him.

And I'm not talking about the infinite-foot-tall suited man.

I'm talking about possibly the best runner ever to escape from that infinite-foot-tall suited man.


According to the comments on his newest post (comments: a whopping number of 225, including the one I just put up) the search party for M went out to Chicago, and after searching for a good long while, they finally found him. And it's true that he's alive. He put up a comment on his blog not too long ago.

"The hoodie is the best quality I feel. Sharing anything else would be too much. It's also not the same hoodie that I had before as that 1 ripped pretty bad. Also what the fuck is up with people talking about fanfics about me? what the fuck? I'll try to read through the comments as soon as I can and respond to them. There will be a post soon."

So thankfully, we don't have to have a funeral for our beloved runner, M. Regarding the comment he put up:

1. When he's talking about the hoodie, he's referring to the talk of the search parties asking everyone what kind of hoodie he wore so that they could have better luck looking; I told them that his hoodie was grey. However, according to M, he has gotten a new hoodie, so I guess my tip wasn't of much help.

2. Yes, for some shitty reason people are writing fanfics about him, and I can't help but find it a little bit disrespectful. I mean, they're trying to stay cheery, but that doesn't mean you go writing friggin' fanfics about him. Wait until he's actually dead guys, then go ahead and make your fanfictions that count as memorials towards M (not saying that I want him dead, I'm pretty flipping happy right now).

I'm still investigating as to whether or not he's himself or not. Truth be told, and I don't want to worry anybody even more now, he could be a proxy, or at least just a little hallowed. I'm going to keep monitoring his comments, make sure he's alright, make sure his aura stays up and doesn't sink, and that if he does send me an email response, see if it has anything 'suspicious' regarding his mental status hiding in between the lines.

But again, let's just be happy that he's alive. He's been playing this game with Slendy for a while now, and I highly doubt M would go down without a fight. We've got your back all the way, M.

Also, if anybody, possibly M, is reading this, I have a hunch that I'm safe. As in, "Slender Man won't come after me, because he can't come after me, so he won't come after me.". I don't want to be thinking that I'm 'untouchable', but if Slender Man could have come after me, he would have come after me a long long time ago. I'm even living in a different location now that has a view of a 'slendy tree' (a tree that looks like Slender Man in a funny/abstract sort of way) and I'm not even a tiny bit paranoid.

I'm getting bored, Slender Man.

I don't know if it's something about my head that He doesn't like, or possibly likes (because if He didn't like me, He would chase me around and possibly kill me on the spot). I'm even surrounded by trees here, and my room is a closed spot with one small window, and still nothing. I even have a blog about Slendy, and for once, He's staying away.

So what's keeping you away?

Is it the fact that I'm entirely surrounded by water, on an island? Because I highly doubt that you could get away with crossing the Confederation Bridge, haha.

I guess I'm safe for now. But I'm not letting my guard down either. There's got to be a reason why He isn't coming after me. He's not even chasing after Joel D., who has ten times more obsession with Slender Man than I do (I'm disregarding his strange night he had a while ago that I mentioned a few posts back).

Well, that's all for now. Again, I'm happy for you, M. Stay safe, keep running, and may peace be with you.


Monday, March 14, 2011

House of Leaves

Hey guys, back again. Haven't been around much due to the fact that I've never found the time to update, and I've just been plain procrastinating. Also, there's not much to write about. But considering I just got my hands on a copy of House of Leaves, I guess now I have something to write about.

First, a funny story from the life of UZUKI.

About a week before my birthday, my mom went into town, and I told her to pick up a copy of the book for me with my gift card. So she called in the store, asked if they had any copies, and then got them to reserve one. Mom went in, bought the book, and then the clerk who had talked to her on the phone said that not 2 minutes later, somebody else had called and reserved the book as well.

Turns out it was my buddy Daulton ordering the book for me for my birthday present. I found out at my party, when I told both Joel D. and Daulton that I had gotten the book. Daulton looked pissed, and I immediately knew that he had bought the book for me. So I had two copies of House of Leaves! I ended up taking the first copy, the one I bought, back, and I kept the copy Daulton bought for me. Still, I was totally expecting that at the same time. I had a feeling someone was going to get the book for me, because they knew how much I wanted it. Also, when mom told me about that person who called in 2 minutes after she did, I was pretty sure it was one of my friends, mostly because we're probably the only ones on PEI who read and love that book.

Okay, so first of all, House of Leaves is compiled by Mr. Mark Z. Danielewski, and it is truly fictional. However, it is a good read, and it messes with your head in ways you cannot believe. It really has nothing to do with Slender Man either, but there are bits and pieces that make you think of Slendy (ex. the House of Leaves is a house with rooms that never stay in the same spot, aka, the house in marble hornets that Jay excavated, and Alex's house in everymanHYBRID and the creature that causes their house to shape-shift itself).

Let me first start off by saying, this is not for you. The very first sentence in the book is just that. There are a large amount of codes, stories, diary entries, and just plain weird shit in this book. It costs a good 25 bucks at your nearby book store, but sometimes I feel it wasn't worth 25 bucks. Don't get me wrong, the book is awesome, but there are pages in the book where there's literally nothing. One of the pages is almost completely blank, and the only thing on it is: -a-. I put a note inside that said, "Way to save trees, douchebags. So totally not worth the 25 bucks." But then again, Slendy needs his twenty dollars, so I guess this money goes towards his spending money. Maybe now I'm protected. . .?

Haha, I wish.

As for me, I'm currently living in a different location, but not because of Slendy, but just because of family issues. The only thing is that with this house, there is a tree right outside my room that looks like Slendy, in a very weird way. I found it a long time ago, and drew it in my sketchbook. If I can get the drawing on this site along with a photograph, I'll put it up to show you guys. It's really just funny to look at.

Anyone watch the new Marble Hornets video? It's getting hard to follow sometimes, just because I forget if he's actually doing this, or if he's just watching tapes (and when I say he, I mean Jay). Obviously this is a look at the tapes that were in the hotel (which included the video of Masky getting hog-tied and hit with a rock). The last real video that's current and following Jay is a few entries back, when he gets attacked by Masky in the hotel room after getting the tapes. Any entries after that are just clips from the tapes that he found.

Has Masky gained a little weight? He looks a bit. . . chubbier in the video where he attacks Jay. . .

No matter, moving on.

Right now, listening to Mello's theme, from Death Note. I'm thinking about M right now, and wishing the best for him, because apparently he's still alive. I've been looking through the most recent comments on M's last blog post, and people are starting to look for him, with no luck at all.

Anybody down in Chicago mind checking there for me? I would check if I could, but I can't, so I won't. Sounds heartless, but I'm stuck up here in Canada.

That's all for today guys. Talk to you later, and peace be with you.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yay, it's my birthday today.

But is there no happy birthday from Mr. Slendy?

. . .

I am sad now. . .

Okay, enough of the sadness.

Now that it's March, it's only two months until the anniversary when which I discovered the great six-foot Operator. It sounds like I'm celebrating, because. . . I am. I've nearly made it a full year knowing about Him without getting caught by Him.

Take that, Slendy. I'm one of the people that lasted the longest while knowing about you, along with all my friends who watched the videos with me, on May 14th (I remember the date because it was my best friend's birthday).

So, sorry for not posting for a while, there hasn't really been anything of interest lately. The snow has been killer up here; there are snow drifts up to ten feet in some areas, just on the side of the street. I can't imagine what the snow would be like down in the states, but for the runners, it must be pretty rough out there, whether or not it's snowing.

So, like I said, not much for today. I don't know what's going on with compileTRUTH, Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve, or the HYBRIDS team, mostly because I don't have Youtube right now, but I'm hoping to watch those videos soon. I don't really have much to say about NAPPA either. . .

Bogus post today. Just wanted to post again to let you all know that I'm doing alright. I've actually felt a lot safer the past few days; I'm not as paranoid during the day, and even at night I'm not freaking out in my bed, keeping my eyes closed just in case I see him. I don't know why the paranoia's gone down so much, but I guess I should consider it a good thing.

Also, I'm hoping to get into town over these next few weeks so that I can get my hands on a copy of House of Leaves. Saichi and Mikumi-kun both bought the last copies, so now I have to hope that the book store ordered in some more. When I get House of Leaves, I'll put up some code breakers, quotes, and other things from the book to share with you. The entire thing is fictional, written by some dude that's just a tad crazier than I am, but the codes will still be good to know for practice for when the real thing happens.

Peace be with you, runners.