Monday, June 13, 2011


Today was a very depressing day. The entire school was in a state of sadness over the death of a grade 12 student who we will all miss dearly. He died in a car accident over the weekend.

To grade 12 student Mitchell Lesperance, I pay you my respect.

"We live a good time, not a long time." -Trooper

Not much else to write today. Most of you have probably checked out that Marble Hornets video by now. I don't really know what to say except this:


I am getting so totally CONFUSED by what's happening in Marble Hornets. Not like an eveyrmanHYBRID kinda confused (because I doubt ANYONE knows what's going on in that) but more of a 'what the hell am I watching NOW?' sorta confused. I can never tell the difference between what's real and what's footage from a tape that Jay found. He's gotta find a better way to show the difference between tapes and real footage (maybe like an Operator symbol in the corner like how Dr. Cairo showed the difference between Dreams in Darkness and Watch This City Burn when he was compiling both blogs? I dunno). Just thought about throwing that one out there. I'm sure a lot of you agree with me too.

Well, my friend Nobunaga has been getting trolled more and more by the friggin' Operator Symbol, and it's AWESOME. Not in his opinion, but definitely in mine. As long as I don't get caught or anything. . . cause then I'll be really pissed.

That's it for today, guys. Hope to talk to you again later.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Think He May Be Near.

And for a pretty good damn reason too.

Alright, a lot of you know from my previous posts that I went on a Slender Man hunt with my friend Yashiro for our I.T. class project at school (we're making a Slender Man horror movie). I started editing it last night, although I had to stop because I was scaring the shit out of myself. I might post it on Youtube, if I can get better internet speed (or the next time I'm at Yashiro's place. She's uploading it to her youtube too).

However, that's not the problem here.

My friend, Nobunaga (penname), apparently had a run-in with the Operator the other night. It wasn't a direct encounter, but it was enough to scare the shit out of him and give him headaches for the rest of the day. So last night, Nobunaga was tossing and turning, trying to get to sleep without succession, and eventually, he stared at the ceiling and saw, of course, an Operator Symbol carved into the paint on the ceiling. He blinked once, thinking it was a dream, because he was certain that it DEFINITELY wasn't there before, and it didn't disappear. He blinked a second time, and again, it was still there. After blinking a third time, the Operator Symbol disappeared. He claims that it was most indefinitely NOT a dream, because he knew that he didn't get any sleep at ALL last night. Since then, he has been suffering from sickness and headaches that stop and re-occur at occasional intervals.

"I swear if these fucking headaches don't go away I'm going to take a fucking rocket launcher to him and kill the fucker," Nobunaga told me. "I didn't fucking believe in him until last night."

So Nobunaga may become a Runner soon. If that does happen. . . I am so out of here. Probably. Maybe. No, maybe not. Don't know. I'll talk it over with UZUKI later.

That's it for today, children. Talk to you later.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, we made it back alive.

I went on my little trip into the trails with Yashiro-chan, armed with a camera and ice cream money, and came back without a scratch on me. Even the tunnel was Slendy-free. I quite enjoyed the onion rings and the mozza sticks. I haven't eaten that much in so long. I didn't think anything would happen, and as usual, I was right. So now I'm here at Yashiro's place, playing Kingdom Hearts II and fine-tuning the Matroshka dance (yes, I dance to Vocaloid dances, oh well. I can probably dance a hell of a lot better than you :P).

So that's it for today. Just felt that I should let you guys know that I'm alive.

Oh, and Entry #42 of Marble Hornets has been recently submitted. . . I'm too tired and the video was filled with nothing so I'm not going to summarize today. Just check it out yourselves when you have the time.

Oh yeah, and thanks to the user HȺLLØWED for mentioning me in your blog, The Sharp End of the Blade, as long as it doesn't infect me. You're awesome for that.

Peace be with you, guys, girls, and Matryoshka dancers.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ah, beautiful summer days. It gives us all chances to wear our shorts and t-shirts and chuck water balloons at each other. It's not summer yet, but it's just around the corner.

So, how is this related to the Slender Man?

For people who live in the same time zone as I do (Atlantic Canada), then it's the fire season. The season when Slender Man goes on a burning rampage to those who run from him. Although, I highly doubt the season of winter hinders his ability to burn things, but I can imagine it's much worse during the dry heat of summer. So I'm giving a proper 'good luck' to those running from Slender Man in the heat of summer. You're going to need all the help you can get.

Tips to survive from fires:

1. Stay away from the woods (duh. This rule is kinda self-explanatory).

2. Stay in areas near the ocean (I don't know if this works or not, so do this at your own risk - James Matthews was the one to come up with this theory, but no one's heard of him in months).

3. If you must go into buildings, go into buildings that wouldn't burn down easily (a wood house is an example of a house you do NOT want to hide in).

4. Try to stay away from places that have a much more dry heat (you can still step foot in places that are hot, but just try not to go to places that have a 'dry' heat - places that are so hot that there's no moisture at all in the air).

I think that's pretty much it. My friend Yashiro and I are going on a Slender Man hunt on the trails that cross through town next week or sometime before school ends. We'll head to the ice cream place while we travel. So we kill two birds with one stone - we get our arms and organs torn out by Slender Man, and we get ice cream.

Stay safe out there guys.