Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well I only have about 5 minutes to post because I'm staying after school, so I'm just going to have a nice little story telling post - more or less, just what's been going on with ME lately.

My special yearly nightmares are beginning to kick in. Nightmares that put every single fear that I have into one horrible, scream-filled nightmare.

And the special thing about this special nightmare is that I really only get it once a year.

I don't really get it by thinking about it either - it's just good dreams one night, and then the next night it comes out of damn nowhere and decides to be a troll with me by making me wake up feeling like Death itself caught me.

Now, I have very very very VERY silly fears.

Slender Man (okay, maybe that one's not silly, but that's beside the point).



The dark (and that's thanks to number 1 way back up at the top of this list. . .).

Masky (yes, some people classify this as a silly fear *cough* Joel and Sarah *cough* but really, Masky scares the shit out of me - I can't stand his damn face! You've probably heard me rant about this before so I'm just going to end this point here. . .).

The Moon from LoZ: Majora's Mask (yeah, get your damn laughs out of system now please. I can look at the Moon and stuff, but the first time I saw it I was like, 3, and it's haunted me ever since. So lay off).

So thanks to the Operator, my dream this year may be ten times worse than normal, which is pretty. . . scary. And I think I had one 'part' of it last night.

Damn Super Mario haunting me O.o

Don't laugh.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Well, I haven't posted in a long time, but I think that's mainly because there is nothing to write about. Marble Hornets is still posting as usual, as is compileTRUTH and the HYBRIDS, but it's all a little dull lately.

Jay ended up travelling to Rosswood Park to meet up with Alex (whether this was footage on a tape or stuff that was happening to this day, I don't know, I always get confused with whether their videos are tape footage or not). In Entry #40, he ended up being attacked by Slender Man right at the end of the video. And in Entry #41, he got attacked by. . . Chubacca? (and correct me if I'm spelling his name wrong, I'm not a Star Wars fanatic). Really guys, some dude just passed by his car and looked at him with what appeare to be the face of Chubacca from Star Wars. Any idea who this poser may have been?

As for the HYBRIDS, lots has happened since my last post. . . but I don't really know what to say about any of it. I really can't stand the HYBRIDS now - and it's mainly just because there's too much happening at once for anyone to understand. For those of you that follow their UStream (whatever the hell UStream is), Twitter, Youtube, and any other Slendy account all at once, maybe you can say otherwise, but as for us people who just follow their Youtube, we're all pretty damn confused. I sound like a friggin' movie critic right now, but I'm just stating the truth. Tying the Slender Man and the Rake into two stories is pretty neat, but tying it in with a million other Youtube accounts and stories and shit, and you've just got a jumble of garbage that no one can follow. That's all I have to say on the subject. Go watch the videos and see for yourself what  mean by all of this.

Dr. Cairo at compileTRUTH has been inactive for a while, on both Youtube and Blogger, but he's back, and ready to do more research and compilations. Turns out his Blogger account was hacked by TheBenefactor, but he managed to regain control and changed his password to boot. However, it makes me wonder if he's suffering from the same thing that Damien O'Connor suffered from in Dreams in Darkness (oh, and if you haven't watched the last compilation of Dreams in Darkness yet, just to let you know, Damien recently commited suicide. Check out the new compilation video for more info). Dr. Cairo could also be TheBenefactor, like Damien O'Connor was The Arsonist.

Speaking of compileTRUTH and blogs that have been compiled by Cairo, M has returned. Some guy named Bondie found him passed out and bruised on the neck in a library, with the password and username to his blog written on a piece of paper that was inside his hoodie. So guess what he decided to do? Mr. Bondie posted to M's blog and started asking US all sorts of questions, like, "Why does he insist on sleeping on the rooftops?" and, "Why is he bruised on the neck?" and, "Why does he look at fish with a sad expression?" (R.I.P. Elizabeth). M recently posted on his blog though, threatening the kid to never post on anybody else's blog again (because apparently "Bondie" has done it to other people as well).

So I think that's it.


R.I.P to Damien O'Connor.