Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Normal Day

Short post today. I'm at school; Joel D. has finally gone off to Florida, which means he gets to ride waterslides at Disney while we freeze our asses off over here in Canada. . . and of course, he's hoping to meet a few runners over there as well.

Nothing's going on with the runners right now that stands out a lot, I'm hoping to watch some videos soon, if any have been uploaded since my last viewing.

I may as well post a dream that I had quite a long time ago, but haven't mentioned until now.

First of all, I was staying at Yashiro's place for the night. We had a good time, watched enough Youtube videos to make impressionist jokes come out of our mouths for the next few months, drew a few drawings, wrote a few chapters to our stories, you know, the usual for us. I ended up sleeping on an air mattress (which I haven't done in a long time, and felt pretty relaxing), and that night I had this weird dream that just seemed to stick with me.

So, in my dream, I was on the outskirts of Charlottetown (the main city of PEI) hanging out with my two friends, Vicky, and her sister, Shelley, at their place. I was also with my sister, Chiyo, at the time. I may as well start by telling you what their dad's place is like (we were hanging out at their dad's because their parents are divorced). It's a pretty old house, but where my dream took place was in the porch area. If you walk straight ahead from the entrance, you'll end up in the kitchen, or the hallway, depending which way you turn (it's sort of like a narrow cut in directions). Turn to your left, you've got the laundry room, and to the right you've got what I like to call a 'sun room'. For some reason though, in my dream, there was this large glass window placed along the hallway wall that lead to the sun room. So, it's just me and Vicky, but when we pass by the big window, I immediately spot Slender Man, and duck down onto the floor, pulling Vicky with me. There's a bit of dialogue in this as well. I will not use my penname in this.

"Uh, Jess, what's going on?" Vicky asked me curiously, raising an eyebrow (she's a townie, and she doesn't know what Slender Man is. . . but she's quite a sassy type of person, still cool at heart).

"Shh!" I silenced her. Obviously, I have the living hell scared out of me. "Stay down, Vicky, I'm going to check. . ."

She listened to what I said as I slowly, very very slowly, began to stand up and peer out the window, and sure enough, there was Mr. Slender Man.

But something wasn't right.

I mean, there's nothing right about the Operator at all, but for Him, this wasn't right.

First of all, His head was missing. That's from what I remember. And second of all, the shirt He was wearing underneath His black suit was actually a deep red instead of white (I guess His other suit was in the wash, no?).

So, I stare at Him for no longer than two seconds before I bolt out the door, leaving behind Slender Man and Vicky (what's odd is that I would have had to run pretty close to him, because he was standing on the deck that leads to the porch, and I went out the porch door. . . get it?). So, guess where I run?

a.) the barn
b.) the shed
c.) the forest

If you guessed c.), you are absolutely correct!
But why the hell would I run in there?! I've known about Slender Man for a good year now, long enough to know that going into the forest is a big NO-NO! But apparently my common sense was broken!

So, there I went, charging straight into the forest.

And Slender Man was actually chasing me!

Now, let me get one thing straight, if you don't already know.

Slender Man doesn't run after people, really. You runners with the experience should know that. It's pretty much just like if you turn around and run around the corner, he's going to be there. Teleportation is what we call it, but that's not really the correct term. I don't know what the correct word is for it, but it's not teleportation. He's just moving around like we do; it's just moving for Him. Going from one spot to another for Him is like stepping into another room.

Not in my dream.

In my dream, his arms disappeared, and were replaced by long, black tentacles. Sharp tentacles. Sharp, spiny, tree-like tentacles. And He was climbing through the forest with these tentacles; pretty much like Dr. Octopus from the Spiderman movies. So, He's chasing me, and I'm running for my life, when another Slender Man appears!

That was not supposed to happen! (I don't think so, at least. . .)

Whenever Slender Man chases after you guys, there's only one of Him, right? Well, eventually these Slender Men actually started to multiply, until there were a good thirty of em' chasing me! So, I'm here shitting myself, running for my life, and I find this tree to hide behind (honestly, I wasn't all that smart in this dream. . .). The multiple Slender Men actually stopped chasing me and disappeared, which gave me enough time to get out my cellphone and call for help (I also don't have a cellphone. . . for some reason, this cellphone had an Operator symbol phone cord attached to it, along with a bunch of other things, like the Triforce from Zelda and a moogle from Final Fantasy, and all that stuff. . . just a bunch of little ornaments attached to a phone cord, ornaments from all my favorite video games/paranoia spazz outs).

So, the first person I try to call is Vicky. No answer. Then I try to call Chiyo and Shelley (because they're most likely together; my sister doesn't own a cellphone either, but in my dream Shelley did, but I have no idea if she actually does or not). Again, no answer. Then I try to call my best friend Yashiro; same thing. I try my parents to the phone in the house, no answer.

No answer, no answer, no answer.

I finally try to call Joel D., and he picks up, but the sound on the phone is filled with static and other weird, snowy noises (again, a stupid idea, it's just common sense to know that electronic devices don't work around Him). I could hear his voice, but barely enough to get a message through; I don't even think he could hear me at all.

So, after many attempts, I gave up. I hung up my phone, and waited there in the forest, all alone. I had no idea what I was waiting for; waiting for someone to find me, waiting for someone to even come look for me, waiting for Him to come back and kill me. . .

My phone rang.

It was a text message. I was hoping it was someone who I had tried to call earlier; maybe they had figured that text messaging would work better in this situation (preferably Joel because out of all the people I mentioned, he's the only one who knows the common rules and sense of running from Him; my sister knows a bit, but not enough).

The text message wasn't from them.


"Like from my book," Joel D. commented when I told him about this on MSN the next night. He was referring to his Slender-esque and other paranormal activities novel, House of Leaves (still trying to get my hands on a copy; I'm going to call Indigo in town so the next time I go in, I'll use my giftcard to buy it).

Moving on, after I finished reading the text, He reappeared. His head was back (had no idea why it was gone in the first place), and He looked pissed; at least, as pissed as a faceless creeper can look.

And He started talking to me.

Unfortunately, He was speaking to me with noises, not through my mind, so I had no flipping idea what he was trying to say to me. His voice was like a bunch of gargles and mumbles mushed together into a sentence that I couldn't ever hope to understand.

I wanted to talk back, ask Him what He wanted from me, but I was too scared, and before I knew it, He had sprung His spear-like tentacle arm straight through my body, impailing me into the tree that I had hid behind.

I feel like I left something out from this. I'll try to remember it later; if I do, I'll edit this blog and add it. Either way, I'm hoping to have this dream again.

Tonight, if I can.

I'm going to go to bed tonight thinking about this dream, and hopefully my brain will carry it on into my dream for tonight; maybe then I can talk to Slender Man and see what the hell he wants, without getting impailed to pieces.

Well, that's all for today.

Peace be with you, Runners.



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still Nothing. . . But Things Are (Hopefully) Back to Normal

Nothing's going on here. I had a sense of strong fear last night, so it took me quite a while to get to sleep. I can't remember what I dreamed about; I don't even think I dreamt at all.

I guess it's back to the daily grind for now.

First things first, the Daily Runner News. There's not much to cover here really. I finally caught up with the youtube videos that I was so dying to watch.

To start the news off, turns out M isn't dead, according to worried commenters on his blog. Apparently he's trapped in Chicago. Hell, I'd go look for myself, but I don't live near Chicago, and I wouldn't even know where to begin looking (M once compared Chicago to New York and said that Chicago was bigger, just because it was more vast; it wasn't all buildings and people crammed into one spot like New York is). Some commenters are going to look for him, and some have already started looking (you know who you are). Joel D. is heading off to Florida tomorrow, so he's hoping that he runs into a few runners. Runners, if you live in Florida, give me a holler and I'll let Joel know for you.

Next we've got compileTRUTH. I don't know what's going on with Dr. Cairo, he hasn't posted on his blog for a few days now, but he's probably just busy making LOG/COMPILATION/ANALYSIS videos, all while running from the faceless man. He is now a runner, and things are starting to happen around him, ex. Operator symbol drawn on whiteboard with red un-eraseable Sharpie, mannequin left by his door. . . he's hoping that it's just the other dorms messing with him, because they know that he does the videos, and they think he's crazy. I'm hoping to get into contact with Dr. Cairo soon.

Last thing you guys probably remember with Marble Hornets is that a few guys (including Jay, I think) all kicked Masky's ass. This was footage from the tapes he found inside his motel room, during which he was attacked by possibly a different Masky, and left without his new companion, Jessica (who has been missing ever since). Anyways, the footage on the tape was most likely taken by Jay, but he doesn't remember any of it happening. However, now Jay knows that the first Masky he encountered was his old movie-making-buddy Tim (we were probably already aware that Tim was Masky, it was kind of obvious at one point or another). I don't follow their twitter, so if anything else happened between their last video and today, please let me know. Also, I can't check their videos very often either because I'm using a crappy computer. Keep me in the know guys, thanks.

The HYBRIDS are probably quite busy with fighting off their little humanoid roommate that's been living in the closet for the past several weeks, so I won't have much to cover with them. I don't know what to think of that humanoid right now; it kinda has to be real, but I'm wondering why they're the only ones that are being attacked by this naked, humanoid Slender Man thing. That's another thing I'd like you to inform me on; how many of you out there are being attacked not only by Slender Man and his proxies, but by this humanoid thing as well? The only reports are from the HYBRIDS so far, and I'd like to know if they're the only ones being attacked. And please, be truthful. If you're trolling/faking, that will make the situation worse for the people who actually are running (Tulpa. . .).

Tribe Twelve is getting a bit more Slender Man action in, but at this point, this story is all about proxies/hallowed and stuff. Basically, Noah went to spend his Thanksgiving with a girl named Sarah (this is odd because when this video came up, it was January/February kinda thing, and he's in America, which means that Thanksgiving is celebrated in November. Any thoughts as to why this is? Is it tape footage perhaps? Or are they trolling?). Anyways, Sarah and Noah ended up spending their second night at her father's place. Noah slept on the couch, and was 'moved' by Slender Man. When he came back, he woke up immediately, and asked Sarah if he could sleep in the spare bed in her room. So, she agrees, and he goes to bed, but then the video distortion kicks in (and then you know what time it is!!). I found this part not only creepy, but awesome at the same time: after a major visual tearing part in the video, the blanket is slowly pulled off Noah, and when the blanket is gone, Noah slowly gets dragged out of his bed. So afterwards, Sarah wakes up, takes the camera with her, and goes to search for him. She turns on a few of the lights to see what's going on, and she sees Noah standing in the living room with a knife in his hands, and his now torn t-shirt is smeared with blood. After he 'woke up', he left in fear of hurting her and her family and dragging Slender Man into their lives.

Happy Thanksgiving! (honestly, something is wrong with that, who celebrates Thanksgiving in February?! Something is up with that particular video. . .).

Zeke Strahm is being himself, trying to hide himself from the authorities that are chasing after him. Apparently the FBI (or whatever) is getting involved with the hauntings of Slender Man (I don't really buy it, but okay. . .). If anyone's managed to find him, good for you. Keep track of him in case we need him later (which we will).

NAPPA (the National Association for the Pursuit of Proxies and Agents) recently lost one of their members the other day. A few of their guys went out to hunt proxies, and apparently Ava got kidnapped (I think Robert got kidnapped too, I'm not sure on how many of them disappeared. . .). We're hoping that they come back, they may have already gotten them back by now, who knows. Right now their leader, Kaiju, has become aware of a 'Proxie Party', but it doesn't seem all that suspicious. Hoping to hear more on their situation soon.

That's all I've got with the runners today. Hope I didn't bore you guys. At least I'm not scaring you to death. I have been taking a bit of a psychotic turn. . . um, I'm fine, really. Just too much time on my hands, that's all.

Also, I have the video here on my sister's Ipod from where we went Slendy hunting, and like I said in the last post, nothing happened really. Of course, we didn't really get into the woods either. If there's school tomorrow, I'll stay after and upload the video from the school computer. I'll probably delete it later though, it really has nothing worth anything on it. I may end up posting an Introductory video instead.

Note: I will not be doing videos very often, so don't expect anything really big from me in that department.

I think that's all for today. Again, things are back to normal; had a bit of trouble sleeping last night, but that was normal for me.

Peace be with you, Runners.


Monday, February 21, 2011

UZUKI - 1, Slender Man - 0

Well, I went on a Slender Man search with my sister, Chiyo (not her real name), using her Ipod for video. The battery was dying though so we didn't get to record very long (we got a good 15 minutes in). Despite my challenge towards the Operator in my last post, we didn't find anything. I'm hoping to post the video soon. I may stay after school some time to upload it, if my sis will let me take in her Ipod. If not, I'll upload it if I'm at Joel D.'s or Yashiro's place (Yashiro is another friend of mine, and that is also not her real name).

At this point, I'm assuming that the coast is clear.

Alright, talk to you later, Peace be with you.


I'm sorry... I said that I wouldn't be posting for a while, but things are starting to happen here that may either be... Him... or just our paranoia playing with us...

At this moment, I'm convincing myself that He does not exist. Maybe my luck and the Tulpa will fare well for me...

But why... why hasn't He come after me yet? Is it just because I'm not worth messing with, or does He have better people to mess with, like my friends?!

We can't let our minds mess with us. He's making it so that it's purely our minds messing with us.

I don't lose games like this, Operator.

You haven't found me, and maybe, you never will. 

So leave my head alone.

Is it because of my sanity? The fact that I'm mentally unstable that you choose to mess with me that way?

You're not coming after me.

So don't go after him.

Or anyone else I care about.

Because I will kill you.

You can't come after me while I'm protected by my sanity.

You know what, runners?

Go ahead and freakin' lose it. 

It may save your ass like it saved mine.

I could take a freakin' walk out into the woods right now and come back without a scratch.

You dare me?


I hope that peace will stay with me. And I hope it stays with you, as well. 


Sunday, February 20, 2011

This is Farewell, For Now

I think I'm in some deep shit now.

He's getting close. To where I live.

I think, just for now, I'm going to try and stop posting on this blog. Just until I know the coast is clear. Because I am not going to get caught. I'm not going to let that happen. There are too many people that would be killed if I were to be haunted. Too many people that I care about. Too many people that I love.

And there's something that I need to accomplish before I die.

If anyone comments on my blog between now and the next time I post, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Until then, stay safe everyone.

And may peace be with both you and me.

EDIT: If there are any runners out there that live in Canada, maybe in the general area of Central Canada (Ontario, Toronto, Atlantic Canada, etc.) then please, let me know immediately. Even if you live out in western Canada, let me know anyways; I want to see how many of you there are so I know what to expect in the coming months.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Back. To Normal. For Now.

Sorry for the weird post a few minutes ago guys. I had to get my head straight.

Okay, back to business.

Time for the 'Daily Runner News'!

First things first, I'm lucky to have Youtube right now. I'm at a friend's place, on her laptop, so she gets much better Youtube than I do. I would like to say first that our friend, Mr. Cairo from compileTRUTH is now a runner! (that sounds too cheery, doesn't it? No, it's a bad thing. . . bad thing, bad thing. . .). Let's all hope the best for him, and that he can remember M's words of wisdom.

Get out of there, Cairo. It'll do you no good to stay where you are. Get all your valuables and get off your ass and run. Meet up with another runner who can help you. Send me an email or something.

Come on over to Canada! We're safe up here! Cause' apparently Slendy can't cross the border! We scare him with our alcoholic nature and our maple leaves!!!

Ahem . . . moving on.

He only knows where M is right now. Dead, or hiding, or starving to death, He only knows. And I'm not referring to God in this case.

I've finally caught up to the events happening around our Chuck Norris of Slender Man, Mr. Zeke Strahm. Turns out he's been presumed missing. If any of you have spotted him, runner or not, please give me a little heads up, it would be nice to know. He was like, the most badass ass-kicker of Slender Man ever! So if you've seen him, tell me, thank you.

The HYBRIDS. . . shit, nothing is going on right now, at least, that's according to their vids. I don't follow their UStream or their Twitter, so I don't know any of the extra information. I'll just ask Joel D. He knows a lot more about the HYBRIDS than I do; I don't know, I find it hard to follow what's going on with them. But in their newest video, Evan, Jeff and Alex (correct me if I got the names mixed up) go on a little hunt for their 'humanoid' friend (recall the "Cops Checked, No Body" video from the HYBRIDS channel; remember that naked Slender Man thing that appeared at the end of it?). So, equipped with hunting knives and baseball bats, they start to search the closet in Jeff's house, and find a crawlspace; after going through the crawlspace, they end up in the basement of the building from the "A Life in the Day" video (also from clips that appear in their random videos that pop up on their channel now and then). So right now, they're dealing more with this humanoid then they are with Slender Man; or as I like to call it, Slender Man's pet.

And HOLY SHIT, Jay just kicked Masky's ass!
Go Jay!

I always hated Masky. Call me a wimp, I don't care. People question me as to why I'm scared of him, and I don't know why, it's the eyebrows I guess. And the dark eyes. Even some of my friends tell me that I look like Masky in the dark.

Um, okay. . .?

Either way, check out Marble Hornets' newest video! If you hate Masky just as much as I do, you should enjoy seeing him get his ass kicked and hog-tied to the floor. And possibly crippled by a rock. My sources tell me that they didn't hit him on the head with the rock; that they just hit his leg.

Oh yeah, turns out Jay finally realized that Masky is our friend Tim!

Congratulations to all you people that already knew that.

I actually just found out about that little tidbit a few months ago while researching on Marble Hornets WikiDot page. I always thought it was Alex. This could mean that To The Ark and Masky are not the same person. They probably aren't. Or maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions.

Any of you people out there heard of NAPPA?
The National Association for the Pursuit of Proxies and Agents.

Believe it or not, this group, whether real or not, is pretty badass. They're curing the Maskies out there, which I have to congratulate them on.

And for those of you that didn't know, a cure has been found. It is called The Substance, and when it is lit on fire, it acts like magnesium, and causes Slender Man pain. And apparently when you get it into a proxy's body, via needle or tranquilizer dart, it causes them to, very disgustingly, throw up a black goo; and afterwards, they're back to normal. So NAPPA, or should I say Kaiju, the founder of NAPPA, sounds out tranquilizer guns and cures to his fellow members to use on the proxies that are living nearby. You can check out more about NAPPA at .  They're kicking a lot of ass, hopefully. And they're hoping to someday catch the infamous proxy, Redlight.

Next we've got Tribe Twelve. Noah has found a place to stay with a girl named Sarah, just in time for Thanksgiving. This part of his videos are split into two days. Everything is fine the first day; he and Sarah have a pleasant Thanksgiving Dinner, and they even have a fun time playing tennis on the Wii.

Did I forget anyone? Probably. If so, please let me know, and I'll add it to the list.

That's all for tonight, hopefully.

Oh, before I go, I have to tell you guys about possibly the best parody Slender Man video EVER!!!

Go ahead, laugh your ass off. It really lifts the spirits :)

Another post today.

I don't know. . . something's wrong with my head. . .

I mean, something has always been a little off with me. My head was always in this different little world than
everyone else's.

Am I 'falling'?

That's it. I've noticed a ton of people doing this on their blogs, so I should do it too. I don't want to forget who I am, I don't want to get hallowed out. . .

My name is Jessica "Uzuki" Cheverie.

I was born March 2nd, 1996.

My nationality is First Nations and Acadian.

My favorite color is green.

I have two cats, a boy named Shadow and a girl named Miracle. I've had them since I was 7 years old.

My favorite video game series is The Legend of Zelda, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom

I write a Zelda fanfiction titled The Legend of Zelda: Time Gate.

I blank out in conversations on occasion.

I can read auras (thoughts/energy levels) of human beings.

That's enough for now. I'm just paranoid, that's all. Something is off in the air though. I'm hoping it's just my brain getting to me.

This blog isn't good for me. . . the last thing I need is something to set my sanity off.

I just want to write. Even if the damned Operator isn't chasing me, I want to write. I want to help all you people out there that are being chased by this monstrosity.

Hehehe. . . could be worse. . . could be the Kyodai no Akuma. . .

. . .no. . . the last thing we need is for a human being like me to come along and will that thing into existence. . . . . . . . .

. . . . could be a fun little game though for when the Operator dies. . . . you know, when we get bored again . . .

. . . maybe that's why. . . human beings are so. . . boring. He needed a game to play. . . I need a game to play. . . . so he's messing with us, to get our excitement back. . . the excitement of fear and adrenaline. . . .

I gotta shake this feeling off. The more I type, the lower my sanity sinks.

And that's exactly what He wants.

Thank god I never wrote that story on Slender Man for FictionPress. I would have been driven mad.

I am going to take that creature down.

He wants to play a game with us?

So be it.

Hey Slender Man.

You're IT.

EDIT: Sorry guys for the wakko post. I'm fine, really. My writing/insanity intuition just kicked my conscious out for a minute there. I'm fine. Sorry for scaring you all. I really don't want Slender Man to come after me. But I don't want him to live either. I need to get my mind back under my control again, the way it used to be.

Shit, easier said than done.


Pop Quiz, Kiddies

Yep, just another freezing day up in Canada. I had another Slender Man dream last night, but it didn't really have anything significant in it. . . actually, now that I think about it, I can't even remember what the dream was about. It was very short, and it wasn't that scary either, but it still had Him in it. I could remember it a bit this morning when I woke up, but now it's completely gone from my head. If I can remember it later, I'll post again with the details. For now though, I'm just going to write up some key points on the Slender Man.

First of all, the three rules that M stated in The Tutorial.

1. Get Up High
2. Keep Moving
3. Keep Your Eyes Open

It's obvious what the Get Up High rule means at this point. Almost all of us are aware of how M has been surviving all this time, and one of these things is getting up to high areas, like a roof, or a water tower, or a really tall building of the sort. The reason this keeps us safe is because this, oddly enough, confuses Him. Because He is so used to seeing human beings shorter than Him, He can't comprehend the idea of a human being shorter than Him, therefore it confuses him and he can't get you. It's almost like he doesn't see you as a human being; more like a superior being that he doesn't want to get involved with.

Although, unfortunately, you can't stay on the rooftops or in the water towers forever. You'd run out of food, and eventually, lose your sanity as well. And the moment you get off that building/water tower, it's back to running, because then He sees you as a regular human being again; a human being that He can chase after.

The second rule, Keep Moving, is pretty straightforward.

"Because even if Slenderman can't get you people can. And Slenderman is good at getting people to do things for him." -M

You just have to keep switching locations in the general area. According to M, the longest you can stay in one location without getting found is about 2-3 months. The longest time you can stay inside a house is about 2 weeks, if you're lucky.

"I'm tired of having to tell people to move and run and then seeing 2 weeks later they're still in their house. You need to leave and you need to leave as soon as you can. Because if you stay near the people you like when Slenderman is following you, it's like you've killed them." -M

However, there are some people that can pull off exceptions to this rule.

"Then again some people are different. A few months ago I met a girl named Shandi who lived out in the woods. I found her house 1 day when walking down a road and I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I almost didn't go look at it, but then I saw it.

A huge red (X) on the up stairs window of the house." -M

Shandi was able to stay inside her house for months, and her house was out in the middle of the forest. It may have been the fact that she had the Operator symbol painted on the window; this is another trick that I'm going to write about later in this post. Also, she stayed upstairs the entire time; could this have meant it confused Slender Man into thinking she was taller than Him? But then again, there have been tons of cases in the past where Slender Man went after people in a house, on the top floor (the HYBRIDS for example, and their first 'real' encounter that was later defined as being real and not a hoax that they made). Who knows, maybe her house was just tall enough and all the other houses weren't. Maybe it was because she lived alone and didn't attract Him by luring Him in with her family members and the ones she loved (although it's possible that the other family members had already been killed).

Either way, she lived in that house for quite a while, until M showed up.

"She didn't talk to me until I went right next to her and asked her a few things. All the time I was there she only told me a few things about herself and she didn't talk very much. Everything had started happening to her about the same time it had started happening to me. The house hadn't always looked like that, it had been normal. But Slenderman had been in it a few time, tried to set it on fire, basically attacked it from all sides. Her mom, dad, and sister had all died. She didn't know what had happened to her friends. She was home schooled so she didn't really have many anyway. After her sister was killed, who was 9, she had gone crazy, tried to kill Slenderman anyway she could. Tried to burn down the house herself when He was in it. Nothing had worked. Shandi had gone into the woods and tried to shot herself after all that. But it didn't work. He moved her back to the house too quickly. She couldn't live and she couldn't die.

After that Shandi stopped caring. When I lived in the house, mostly because I felt too bad to just leave her behind, she barely ate, or slept or did anything besides sit in that chair. Sometimes she talked to me, or told me stories she made up, but that was about it. She never even got the notebooks. She was too strong to be taken, and too weak to beat him.

She had lived in the house without running for months, and she was still alive. Then 1 morning I woke up, the room dark with His large form blocking the window." -M

Could it be possible that He was waiting until she was an 'eligible candidate' to become hallowed? It's obvious that Slender Man was playing with her head. Because as M states, "Slender Man likes to play with His food."

Although, it's still not recommended that a runner stays in their house for more than two weeks. Slender Man may be stupid, but he still figures out the tricks you play on him eventually. Staying in the house just puts your family members and the ones you love at a greater risk, and it doesn't do good for your sanity either.

"This doesn't mean that you can live as long in the house as Shandi did, keep in mind. Shandi was unusual. Like I said it usually only takes 2 weeks. But even if you're strong, if you think you can wait him out in your house, you can't. He'll get you in you stay still, even if it's after days, or weeks, or months. He'll find you, and He'll know where you and everybody you love is, and He'll kill you." -M

That's one of the tricks to running from Him: you have to keep as much sanity as you possibly can.

He doesn't want you to keep your sanity. He wants you to lose it. Because when you lose it, that's when he takes control of you. That's when he kills you.

Okay, moving onto the third rule. Keep your eyes open.

M also blames Marble Hornets for this rule; according to him, they singlehandedly willed this one into existence (recall that Marble Hornets was indeed fake at the time it was started, but thanks to them and the Tulpa effect, Slender Man was willed into existence, and now they really are on the run).

Slender Man has this sort of weakness that M and one of his fellow runners, James Matthews, experimented with. Apparently, when you look straight at Slender Man, He can't get you. It's obvious that He doesn't exist in the same sort of time existence we do. You can tell by the way he moves and, well, based on what He is. However, if you were to look at Slender Man, this almost ties Him down to our plane of existence; He can't get you then. Therefore, if you were to come face-to-face with Him and couldn't get to a rooftop, just stare at Him and back away. It's not fullproof, but it keeps you safe in emergencies.

"There is 1 exception to this rule and that's if you're blind. There's a girl out there who's name is Mimi Shrawts. I don't know what happened to her. I had to leave. But she's out there, with this problem and still she was beating it. I asked her how and said that even though she couldn't see she still had a pretty good mental image of what was going on around her. Not in the same way we do (I asked her to explain it and she couldn't really, but I think it was mostly in sound and touch), but still it was pretty accurate. So basically if she kept Slenderman in her mental image of the world when she knew he was there she was ok."

I met a blind girl once. She's actually a good friend of mine. She was one of the Easter Seals candidates on PEI that visited my school a little while back, I think when I was still in elementary school (6th grade maybe?). Anyways, she ended up joining band, and I saw her again at band camp, when we both learned how to play the flute. Then, a few years later, we ended up in Honor's Band together as well. Considering she was blind, I was amazed that she could play the flute, and even more amazed that she made it into Honor's Band. She had to memorize all her music and fingerings for the flute.

So anyways, I got to guide her around quite a few times, and we soon became pretty good friends. I wanted to ask her how she had a mental image of the world, much like M had asked Mimi how she got the mental image as well, but I never got a chance to. I can't imagine how that would work, but maybe if I walked around my house for a bit with my eyes closed, I'd get a pretty good idea of what she would be referring to.

So those are the three rules, runners. I guess you didn't really need me to retype all this considering M and compileTRUTH has already gotten the message through to you, but I'm retyping it because I need something to write about and because there may still be a few of you runners out there who don't know the rules.

Just follow these rules, and you will hopefully survive.

There are three things that you do NOT want to do, and these things break those rules.

1. Not following the rules.
2. Hanging out with somebody being followed by Slender Man.
3. Hanging out in a forest.

Obviously, hanging out in the forest is possibly the stupidest thing you could ever do. The forest is His home. And also, spotting a human being in the middle of the woods is like spotting a drunk in the middle of a business meeting. To Him, you stick out like a sore thumb. You're easier to find when you're in the woods, and it just gives Him less work to do; He doesn't have to chase you because you've just walked straight into His home.

Hanging out with somebody being followed by Slender Man isn't all that bad, but it depends how far along they've 'gone', and how frequently they're haunted. M sometimes states that it's dangerous to team up, but he's starting to change his mind about teaming up a little now.

"It's dangerous walking around in groups. 2 people are dangerous, a whole group would make Him even stronger and you more of a target. Rereading this blog less then a month ago I wrote that I didn't want to team up with anybody. It was too dangerous and there was no reason to."

"Now I'm not so sure." -M

You can run with people, if it makes you feel safer. But if you travel in big groups, it's just like walking into the forest - it gives Him less work to do. Because killing a whole group of people on the spot is much easier than tracking each one of them down individually. It just makes Him stronger.

Wow, I was going to start talking about the effects of the (X) symbol, but now I'm not so sure. I'll cover it later, maybe today, maybe tomorrow. This post is excruciatingly long, and I don't want to burn your eyeballs out or drive you to madness of complete boredom.

Peace be with you, Runners.


Friday, February 18, 2011

wHy, WhY, wHy?

Another post tonight.

I find a lot of comfort in writing. Especially while I'm writing this blog. I'm bored as shit and I just need to come back and. . . sort out my thoughts. I'm tired as hell, but I feel that I just need to write something. But then again, it's when I'm tired that I start to mumble/think/write about pointless banter.

I need something.


I want to keep this blog going more than anything, but there's just never anything happening here. . . but I guess I should be thankful. Writing about my nightmares/research may just be enough to help you runners out there cope with your situation. At least then you know that you're not alone in this world, that you don't have to deal with your growing insanity alone.

But you can't let your insanity take you over.

Because that's exactly what He wants.

He wants you to lose yourself to insanity, so that you can become His puppet.

The ones that have been hallowed out.

We know who these people are; they're half of the runners that didn't make it out alive.

Because they aren't alive.

Anyone you know that has become hallowed isn't alive anymore. Even their Soul is gone. They're just empty human bodies, ready to be possessed and used by Him.

I guess, now that I'm on the subject of the hallowed, I may as well talk about ways to keep yourself safe from Him finding and possessing you.

"It's easier to just say 'Go up high to the tower I made for you to live in until you get your shit together, it's safe there, here's where it is', but it's also a lot easier for Him to find you then." - M

That's right, I quoted M again, and I don't give a damn. He makes a perfect point in this statement. It is easier to just tell your friend to go to the tower you made for them to live in until they get their shit together, here's where it is, blabbity-blah. Do that though, and Slender Man will have already beat you there, waiting for you to step right into his arms, like a child being lured to a gigantic pile of teeth-rottening candy. Although, unlike the candy, you don't get a sweet, happy ending with maybe a couple cavities.

You get a crappy, depressing ending with a couple impaled holes in your body.

Yay for everyone.

So I'd like to post some codes on this blog post, codes that are very simple to decipher; codes that even my little brother could solve if he could read.


This code is used frequently amongst most runners. It's simple to decipher, yet it can sometimes confuse people because the 0's can also be O's.

The next way to make a code is to simply write a well thought out riddle that can still be deciphered by the person you're sending the riddle to.

House in the sky
That's taller than man
Sits on a tree
A safe haven for THEM

So first of all, if you thought it through, you can probably tell that I'm talking about a tree house. Taller than man, and a safe haven for them obviously means that it's taller than Him and that it's a safe haven for the Runners (because it's taller than him, it obviously confuses Him when he thinks about a runner being taller than him, therefore making it hard for him to catch you). The 5+6=12 thing does not mean I have bad math skills. You could assume it as a time. Like, get there in five hours, wait for me for six hours, and we'll discuss at twelve (could be midnight or noon, depends on the time that you get the note at).

I can't think of anymore codes right now. There are codes you need to watch out for though. There are codes from Runners, and then there are codes from the hallowed. Codes from runners will probably look like what you just saw. Codes from hallowed are usually complete nonsense, and only expert code breakers can hope to understand what it is that they're trying to say. Example. . .


Screen flashes with a 12x12 box of slashes, flashing in the following order: long, long, short. (sort of like an SOS).


Screen flashes with a 15x15 box of slashes, flashing in the following order: long, short, long.


The last is an 11x11 box of slashes, that flashes in the following order: long, long, short, long.

The video ends with the word CLOSELY, written like so:


The slashes were eventually translated, and the message ended up being: LOOK CLOSELY. Messages like these, that are near impossible to decipher and have no real meaning at first glance, usually 90% of the time belong to hallowed out people; unless of course it's a Runner that's really pushing his luck.

Well, I'm pretty sure that's it for tonight. Hopefully. I'm going to try and get a peaceful night's rest.

Peace be with you, Runners.



Okay, I have a little question for you all.
Do you know what it's like to get the entire lower half of your body disintegrated and every single one of your teeth blown out by an electromagnetic explosion?
I've asked a lot of my friends this question.
The reason I'm asking you is because I think Slendy trolled my brain the other night. I have Slender Man nightmares once in a while, mostly only when I feel His presence EVERYWHERE.
I've had pretty bad nightmares in the past. There's even this nightmare that I have once a year, that no matter how old I get and how much I think I've gotten over it, it always comes back and scares the shit out of me.
This was possibly ten times WORSE than that dream.
Okay, first I should warn you all: every single dream/nightmare always has to have some form of Legend of Zelda mixed in with it. That's how obsessed I am with the video game series; that's how screwed up my mind is.
So the first part of my dream, from what I remember, involved me playing as the Link from Wind Waker (you all know him, Zelda fans. Cutest little Zelda bastard ever. . .) and for some reason, I was in the middle of the ocean, at night. There were torches everywhere, and I realized that the torches were attached to these rafts that were floating on the surface of the water. And there were all these little Moblins on these rafts. So, my job was to go to war and kill every single one of them.
What caught my attention is that I've had this part of this dream before.
Okay, so after all the weird Zelda stuff, I end up finding myself standing with all the runners that I'm familiar with. Jay, from Marble Hornets, the HYBRIDS, Noah from TribeTwelve, Zeke Strahm and all these kids that appeared in his blog, and even the deceased Matt and his deceased buddies from Just Another Fool. M was also there. This made me feel that M may still be alive; my dreams are usually true when it comes to people. Then again, the guys from Just Another Fool are all dead, no doubt about that. I think Elizabeth from Icytheological (or however you spell it) was there too. So basically, all the runners, including me. I didn't look like me though. I looked more like the me that I created in my fanfiction, Time Gate. So basically, an anime-ish style character.
Now, this is where the electromagnetic thing comes into play.
The night that I had had this nightmare, I had read up on a blog where they actually found Slender Man's weakness, something that actually makes him scream in pain. I put details about this on my last post. So the electromagnetic theory frigged up my brain and made me have this part of the nightmare.
So me and the runners are setting up these electromagnet things, right? Turns out they will set off in such a way that will make a sort of 'electromagnetic explosion'.
Shit. This is where things get. . . frigged up.
So, because we're luring Slender Man into the 'ring' of bombs that we set up for him, we have to get out of there as quick as possible. These guys are used to running fast; I'm not. So when we lured Slender Man into the area, we all started to run like hell as the bombs set themselves off. Everybody makes it out fine. . . except me.
There's a giant explosion (for some reason the explosion seems more like a bomb explosion than an electromagnetic explosion, but still. . .) that sends me flying through what appears to be a golden sky. Golden sky my ass; more like bright light from the explosion. During this, I can hear some loud screaming noise, and I see the Operator symbol carved on a tree fly by. I must have been sent pretty far, and eventually, for some reason, I find myself gliding a few feet off the air, my feet starting to disintegrate into what looks like to be black ashes (no duh). Now, human body disintegration is usually painless; it's painless because it happens in the blink of an eye. Maybe you feel a major pain one second, but then the next second, well, you're dead. This disintegration process takes FOREVER though, and it doesn't help that I can feel the entire thing happening. And for some reason, it only disintegrates up to my waist. It stops afterwards, and I fall to the ground, skidding on the remains of my back and hitting a boulder that's encased in the ground.
People are panicking now. They're running by me, and I realize that I can't do anything because my legs are gone. Then, when I lift my tongue, I can feel my swollen and empty gums, and I realize that every single one of my teeth were knocked out by the blast. I start to cry, and scream, just so I can get the people that are running by me to stop and help me. Everyone passes me.
Except one person.
Now, in this dream, imagine it like this; you can just see me lying on the ground, people's legs going by; you can't actually see the people, probably no higher than their waist.
So when that one person stops to help me, I scream even louder.
It's a man, wearing black tuxedo pants.
That's when I woke up. But here's the thing; I didn't know that I had woken up. So I'm here, laying in bed, thinking dying thoughts to myself.
"I'm going to die."
"I didn't even get to say goodbye."
"I didn't think it would end like this."
Etc, etc, etc.
One of the worst Slender Man dreams I have ever had in my life. I think I laid in that bed thinking dying thoughts for about a minute before I realized that my legs were there and my teeth were still in my mouth where they belonged. What scared me though is that before I realized that, I couldn't feel my legs; nothing from below the waist, actually. I think it took me a good hour and a half to get back to sleep again. I didn't have any Slender Man dreams the rest of that night. Kind of makes me feel Slender Man is manipulating my mind to dream of things I like (Zelda) and turning them against me to make me go nuts. It was all a happy dream at first, and then BAM, Slender Man dream where I lose half my body and all my teeth. And the fact that I didn't dream of Slender Man the rest of that night, considering I had the shit scared out me, creeps me out even more. Almost like it was a warning from Him.
"If you don't want me to come after you, don't get yourself involved. Otherwise things will be much worse than these nightmares where you die in pursuit of me."
That's basically what He may have been trying to tell me.
I'm going to try and get a good night's sleep tonight. Hopefully I'll have a good dream that will allow for a peaceful day tomorrow (weekend, yay. . .). I may tell you guys about my two other Slender Man dreams that I still remember next time I post. Or maybe I'll just put up a dream whenever the hell I feel like it. Consider it like a dream journal.
I actually have a bit of a bad feeling tonight. There are strange noises coming from outside the window, and allow me to remind you, I'm surrounded by freakin' trees. The weather is also very snowy though, so it's probably just me. I have a tendency to get paranoid with the noises around me. But then again, when you're on the look out for something like Slender Man, how can you not be?
Actually, I found something that was quite humorous today. A classmate of mine is always reading books, and the book of the day was a compilation of Greek/Canadian/Japanese/German/every other country's monsters/ghouls that have been found or encountered. Obviously, the Slender Man wasn't in there, but there was something in there that caught my eye.
The Tulpa.
For those of you that read M's blog or watched The Tutorial compilation video on compileTRUTH, the Tulpa isn't really a ghost, but more so a creature that's created from the effect of somebody constantly thinking about a certain creature. That's obviously how Slender Man came into view.
1. Paranormal Images contest is released on Something Awful.
2. Some douchebag creates the Slender Man.
3. People play I-Spy with the Slender Man pictures, and people even make blogs (marble hornets. . .)
4. Slender Man comes to life and starts killing people.
Yay, happy ending for all of us.
Except for the ones that are getting caught.
Okay, I'm done boring you guys with my crazy-person shit for tonight. If anything comes up, I may post again tonight (my sister is at a friend's place, which means computer-all-nighter for me). I can't help but feel that He is watching me right now. I'd better sign off before I intimidate him too much.
Peace be with you, Runners.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Have Power, Runners

Hey guys.
Nothing has happened up here in the boondocks of what we call "Canada". It's too boring. Even Slender Man chasing after me would at least make things a little more lively. Don't listen to them when they say Canada is the best country ever. Sure, it's great, we're free as the dang beavers that cut down our trees, but it has its downsides too. I mean, we've got the freakin' Sasquatch and Lochness Monster here, but come on, I don't in British Columbia or Alberta. I'm out in the middle of a freakin' island that has a population less than 200,000. And who's scared of Bigfoot for God's sakes?! No, Bigfoot is like a giant misunderstood plush toy with a bad temper. Nobody is even sure if Lochness Monster is even real or not. He hasn't killed anyone, so there's no proof. If Slender Man walked right in my path right now, I may actually not break down and cry. I might laugh a little with a crooked smile on my face. Then my eye may twitch a little. Then I will realize that what I'm seeing is real and I'll snap like the many times I've snapped in the past. Only not a snap of anger, a snap of downright insanity (and that's only happened once in the past).
Wow, I pretty much just wrote down a bunch of useless shit, didn't I?
Canada is so boring!
Okay, so I might as well start with our 'Daily Runner News' for the day, huh?
I'm going to start with M. Not a lot of stuff going on except for people totally freaking out.
Zeke Strahm, according to M's last post, is apparently watching after a bunch of kids. Tough job, considering a bunch of kids lures Slendy out into the open, but at least he's not dead, right? Well, he could be now, the post that stated this was put up months ago, and it was M's last post.
According to Joel D., Jay is up to no good again. I haven't been able to watch any of the Slender Man Youtube vids because if I watch any Youtube on this crappy excuse of a computer, then the whole thing freezes and I have to restart it. So basically, no vids for me (sad face...). I'll try and watch them next time I hang out at a friend's place, a friend who obviously has better Internet and a much better computer than me.
I also don't know much about what's going on with the HYBRIDS or with Noah from TribeTwelve, or even how Mr. Cairo from compileTRUTH is doing (he has indeed had contact with Him though).
Now, I guess I should explain the title of this blog as well, should I?
This blog post is nearly a month old, but I don't know how many people have read it. But it could work.
A weapon against Slender Man.
Of course, I don't know if it's real, or if these guys are trolling. It makes sense, but at the same time, it doesn't. But who the hell cares if it's real or not?! If it's not, then let's use the Tulpa effect to MAKE it real!
So basically, the first blog that I'm going to quote is from Robert Sage's Slender Man blog, White Elephants.

"Actually went outside after the Fire Extinguisher Incident (Here forward referenced as Incident 2) and discovered something interesting outside where /Construct/ was. Remember that sticky residue that I mentioned was often found after utilization of an ABC extinguisher? Well, I found a residue in the location where /Construct/ was...only it's not the right kind of residue, or if it is it's been contaminated with some other element. It's similar to tree sap, hard, apparently sticky or tacky (Not stupid enough to touch with bare hands, don't worry) and a blackish/yellowish color. The yellow is the monoammonium phosphate, but...I'll need to run some tests."

It's pretty scientific to read, but it continues on as such:

"Anyway, enough of the -High Concept- navel gazing crap. You want to know about the Substance and what I found out about it.

It does conduct electricity, despite the Fire Retardant presence. When exposed to open flame it acts like magnesium. A massive flash of bright white light. Lower heat, in this case a frying pan, shows no result. While I'd like to work on finding the melting point of the Substance, lack of material forces me to end heat tests.

Cold tests show no effect. No condensation forms on the Substance, nor frost. It just loses it's tacky texture for a while until exposed to warmer temperatures.

As far as I can tell from equipment I 'borrowed' from work, it's cellular make-up is identical to tree sap. Simple cellular construction identical to plant cells. Also it dissolves in water, but a small amount (Say the size of a pin head), when dissolved in water, can turn 2 cups of water a light, translucent, green color. Say one or two drops of green food dye will get a similar result.

Haven't begun with the saturated water, allowing to sit for further study.

I also found that this substance, while being able to conduct electricity, also has some adverse effect on electronic devices. Putting it near (less than 6 inches) a television or computer screen will cause the screen to go into static. It is not magnetic though.

Shows no corrosive properties as of yet, experiments still on going.

High tonal frequencies (Tuning fork) show no effect."

But what caught my eye the most was this.

"As I said, it's slightly sticky, and leaves a light yellow/greenish residue. I carefully used it to mark out an Operator Symbol(Proven Sigil) and set it up outside, where the /Construct/ makes his usual appearance to observe and assault me with -Emotional Imbalances.-

He showed up.

There was a flash of bright light, similar to what happens when the Substance is exposed to open flame.

Then I was an awful noise. It sounded like a cat being dragged across a blackboard, clawing and yowling. I suffered a panic attack and almost dropped into the fetal position. But the /Construct/ left, and the irrational terror left soon after.

Then I realized what happened.

I(Sage) made that fucker scream in pain."

It's clear that Slender Man is starting to fall. They are unsure if this "Substance" caused him pain or not, but I'm hoping that we can all use the Tulpa effect to make that possible.
But I don't want to just sit back here and watch! I want to be a part of the battle! Something just to make my already-mentally-unstable life a little more mentally-unstable! Something that I can look back on and say, "Hey, I was a part of that!"
. . . Dammit.
I'm only a part of the hundreds of bloggers that are still alive or are already gone. But here's the difference: I'm not a runner.
What's so special about me?
I'm not a runner.
Which means I'm not going to die any time soon, hopefully.
Dang, why do I give these sympathetic speeches in every single one of my posts? It's starting to annoy the crap out of me. I can come up with these things too easily, so I always end up typing one into the post one way or another.
Okay, enough with the sob-story, let's move on to the next order of business.
Apparently this "Substance" has been looked at underneath a microscope already, and it seems to have the same box-like structure as a plant cell. It also strongly resembles a tree plant cell. You think that this would power Slender Man, but apparently it keeps him away. And apparently electricity works as well.
We've managed to cause Slender Man pain, and that's what matters. Things are going well. If these guys are trolling, thank you then, because we can use the Tulpa effect to make the Trollers. . . uh. . . un-Trollers. . .
So Trollers with the blogs are very much appreciated (as long as you're talking about destroying Slender Man and not making him stronger).

So we have power now, Runners, and possibly something to keep you safe in the harsh winter months ahead. The winter is bad up here in the Atlantic, but it may fare better for you guys down in the states, or in Germany, or wherever it is that you are hiding.
I think that's basically all I had to say for today. I'm glad I was able to get some important information on the blog today that wasn't about my lame Slendy stories.
Oh, but there is something I want to finish off with, something to lighten our moods a little.
Because of my artistic ability and wonderful, cheery humor, I put together a few "Slendy Turmoil" comics that surround me, Joel D. and a couple other Slendy friends of mine. I'm hoping to get the drawing up on the blog sometime, but until then, I'm just going to write the script down below for you to read and smile at. Who knows, it might make your day. And the Operator might get a good little laugh as well as he reads this over your shoulder.
(P.S. I'm using the real names of the characters in this script instead of the Time Gate Japanese names, just so you don't get confused or anything).

Slendy Turmoil

Slender Man: -explodes in bedroom with tentacles flailing- UZUKI AND MITSUHIRO, I AM HERE TO HAUNT YOU!!!
-Slender Man faints on the floor-
Uzuki: Ooops. . .

Slender Man: -explodes in bedroom with tentacles flailing- MAKOTO, I AM HERE TO HAUNT YOU!!!
-Slender Man spots a Joker poster on the wall that says, "Vote for Me or Die"-
Slender Man: -runs out of the room with arms flailing- EVERYBODY RUN!!!!!

Slender Man: -explodes in bedroom with tentacles flailing- YASHIRO, I AM HERE TO HAUNT-
Yashiro: Take one step further, and you'll get shot in very bad places. -reloads machine gun-
Slender Man: -runs out of the room with arms flailing- WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PLACE?!

Slender Man: -explodes in. . . well, you know what happens.- JOEL D, I AM HERE TO HAUNT YOU!!
-Joel stares at Slender Man for a few seconds, and then waves, a smile growing on his face and a little heart floating from his head-
-Joel chases after Slendy with hearts in his eyes-

Haha, so you don't really get the same effect with just the script, so I'm hoping to get the drawings up soon. They're just to make everyone feel a little happier. Maybe even Slendy will learn to lighten up a little and just be a funny guy.

Peace be with you, Runners.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Praying for M

Believe it or not, I'm in the middle of English class as I type this.
I finished an assignment that we are now working on a LONG time ago, so now I get fifteen minutes of free time. I'm also staying after again today, so that will give me lots of time to type up a long entry.
Still haven't gotten an email from M. I think I'm going to give up on waiting at this point. But if any of you runners out there have been in contact with him or have at least seen him in the past 2 weeks, I would very much appreciate it if you let me know. In fact, a lot of people would appreciate that. People are freaking out, dude. Since my last comment post about M possibly disappearing on his Tutorial blog, people have been constantly putting up comments, asking if he was alright, if he was still out there.
Please be out there, M.
We're rooting for you all the way.
There's really not much for me to write about right now actually.
So I might as well tell a creepy little story that happened to me a few months before.
Back when my paranoia somewhat ended and my obsession began, Slender Tester and I started our Slender Man Research Notebooks; scribblers for us to write down our research notes and 'journals' in. So anyways, the day I started mine, my paranoia kicked in a little more than usual, and I found it hard to get to sleep that night.
So, I eventually fell asleep (because even though you can feel His presence, everyone falls asleep eventually). But I had a strange dream, and unfortunately, it's been so long now that I can't even remember what it was that I dreamt about. But the dream aside, when I woke up, I felt even more scared than normal. It was pitch-black-dark in my room, and when I moved my right arm, I realized that something sharp was piercing into my skin.
I figured it was something that my sister had left behind in my bed, due to the fact that she had been making arts and crafts again while watching TV that evening before.
Luckily, the sharp object wasn't pushing into my skin that hard, and didn't even leave a mark. I picked up the object, and, too freaked out to get out of bed and turn on the light, I held it up to the light from the moonlight shining through the window across from my bed.
It had the silhouette of a nail.
I felt really freaked out by then, and I really didn't want to get out of bed. I hadn't even looked up that entire time. I had kept my gaze low and to the side; I really didn't want to look around. So, I threw the nail to the side of my bed, on the floor beside it, so I could examine it in the morning.
I had a really tough time getting to sleep that night. I tossed and turned, but sleeping just wasn't one of my head's intentions.
I eventually threw away my fear and jumped out of bed, turning on the light, grabbing my Slender Man Research Notebook, and I threw the god-forsaken thing out into the hallway.
I still had a lot of trouble falling asleep that night.
But what happened the following morning really freaked the shit out of me.
The nail, the one that I had found in my bed and thrown on the floor to look at later. . .
It was gone.
Months have passed since then, and I still haven't found the nail; I haven't even found anything that even resembles it.
So that's my Operator story for today. This entry actually took me a few days to get up, started it in English class, didn't finish till tonight. Got another computer! But I gotta say, it's the shittiest computer in shit-town. Italics don't even work properly on this thing. Because our browser is stinkin' Opera, which my sis thought would be a good idea to download instead of Firefox or even Chrome, it doesn't support anything better than HTML.
Other than that, things have been pretty normal. Considering I have a computer now, I can post at home, which means I can type more in a much longer amount of time. At least until my sister wants to go on.
I got the living hell scared out of me about a week ago.
I didn't see Him, but I felt His presence. Every where.
Allow me to explain: first of all, I live in a forest. Not all forest, but enough trees that there are forests surrounding me. I have this somewhat long driveway that's surrounded by trees, and then this barn that's surrounded by trees, a driveway that is surrounded by green grass, and then my house is to the right of the driveway. Thing is, surrounding the right side of the house is, well, more trees. And our gigantic front lawn is surrounded by trees as well. There was this little shortcut to our neighbor's place that my sister found when we had first moved into the house. It was a little nook between the trees that cut off the property from my house to the neighbors. So me and my sister loved this shortcut, right? It had this little open area, and after a while, it seemed like a sort of fort. I haven't gone through there in forever though. Not since I found out about Slender Man.
So, enough about the fort, I haven't gotten to the real story yet. Last week, I went to hang out with my Slender-hunting buddy, Joel D. Problem is, when I got back, it was about ten o'clock at night. In my world down here in Atlantic Canada, Joel lives in the 'town' part of our region, and I live in the 'boondocks', waaaay up north. So his mom was driving me back up (he came along for the drive) and unfortunately, due to all the snow, she couldn't drive me to the top.
Which meant I had to run straight up the driveway through the snow.
Surrounded by trees.
In complete darkness.
So, before I get out of the car, I make a little joke to Joel.
"Yeah, uh, Joel, if you find me impaled on a tree Monday morning. . . I'm fine." Then we both laughed, and I closed the door. The first thing I do is look around. I'm scared out of my mind, because I really don't want to get impaled. I'm also sort of a mentally unstable kind of person, so I was twitching a little too. So, after looking around, I charge up the driveway as fast as I can.
I have never run that fast in my life. I'm not very athletic, or even physically healthy for that matter, so if I run for long periods, I tend to get cramps very easily. But I was too freaked out to pay attention to that. I wanted to look back, but I didn't.
Because I knew that if I looked back, He would be there.
I ended up looking back, to see the headlights of the car shining towards me. Joel D. helping me out perhaps? Thank you, Mr. Joel.
So, I make it to the driveway in one piece.
But then I had to do it again last night!
I had gone to the movies, with Joel D. and a few other friends as well, including my younger sister.
So, mom got this brilliant idea to send us up the driveway and then she would leave to pick up my dad from a place where he hangs out nearly every night.
Because mom thinks our believing in the Slender Man is 'just a fad and shouldn't be something to be afraid of', she just laughs at us as we run for our lives up the driveway. It was even worse this time though; mom had given me a flashlight.
I had told Joel D. about the flashlight thing, and I said, "It would make him easier to find me."
Joel replies with, "Well, at least you'd be able to find him."
And I finished with, "But I don't want to."
I don't want to find Slender Man.
If anything, I hope that He is the one that finds me. At least then I'd be able to enjoy a few moments alive, with sweet dreams. Then He'd be the one chasing me, not the other way around.
I wonder what would happen if someone were to chase Slender Man? Would the effect be the same? Probably not. Now I'm just rambling about pointless crap that probably won't have an effect on anyone.
M has been talking a lot about things in the air that have been 'shifting'. He claims that this could mean He is getting weaker.
If Slender Man were to be destroyed before I encountered him, I'd be a little thankful, but I'd still be pissed off. Don't take this the wrong way, but me missing a Slender Man encounter by the time he dies is like missing a video game tournament that I could have easily won.
Could life just be a big game to me?
I do not know.
At any rate, Slender Man isn't a phenomenon that I want to miss. Everything in this pathetic little universe ends, and all ghost and demon phenomenons face their end as well.
We just need to find Slender Man's end.
Talk to you later, Operator.
(teehee, that rhymes. . .)
And peace be with you, Runners!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Cough Doesn't Leave Me Alone

Hey guys, haven't posted in a while due to the fact that my computer has now screwed itself over. Like I said before, the only way I'm going to be able to post is after school (which will be often this week due to a ton of projects that I have to type up and get done).
So, a recap on what's been going on in my sanity-twisted life.
First things first, according to Slender Tester, there are a few new vids up on Tribe Twelve and EverymanHYBRID, and it seems that all these vloggers' fates are getting intertwined.
I can't stand Masky.
Apparently Noah is beginning to 'turn'.
So if Masky does so happen to appear, I will probably stop and watch the video when I'm with Slender Tester. At least I won't be screaming (or shitting myself) on my own.
People think that I'm weird to have a fear of Masky.
But Masky scares the hell out of me. It's the eyes. The black lips. And of course, the dark and coarse arked eyebrows that turn on the mask's white forehead. When I look at it, I cringe. If I saw Slender Man standing across from me, I would break down and cry.
If I saw Masky standing across from me, I would probably faint.
Either way, I'm a huge wuss. But it's the fear in my mind that drives me further. To someday see Slender Man with my own eyes. To hope that, even if I've seen him, that he hasn't seen me.
At this point, all I can do now is hide.
Back to the videos though. I can't watch these videos even if I wanted to, because with my computer broken, I can't watch Youtube on our world's shittiest Internet. And due to the stupid education system saying "Oh noes, Youtube is too hardcore for students, DELETE", I can't watch Slender Man videos here either. So for now, I'm resorted down to simply writing down as much as I can for the blogs on this site. I still have a half hour to go until my ride, so this blog's going to be longer than most.
Actually, I have ten minutes.
Curses, typing up the Zelda blog took longer than I thought.
Oh well, back to Mr. Slim.
Speaking of Mr. Slim, there are many names that I've stumbled across on Slender Man, and I just feel the need to refresh you all on those names.

- Der Grosseman (German)
- Der Ritter (German I think??)
- Mr. Slim (First introduced in Tribe Twelve)
- Fairy Tree Man (. . . I actually came up with that one. . .)
- Angel of Death (??? This is from Zeke's Strahm's "Seeking Truth" blog, and it causes a lot of questioning amongst commenters and readers as to whether or not this blog is real or not. . .)

Those are all the ones I can remember right now, off the top of my head. I'm sure I know more, but I'm just not willing to think right now in this short amount of time. Also, I started to notice that since getting a nasty flu a few weeks ago, my cough hasn't gone. Most people are suffering from lingering coughs around here though, so it could just be me getting a little freaked out. But I've never had a cough for this long, so it still bothers me. I wish it would just go away already.
In these last five minutes, I'm going to talk a little about our runners-on-the-loose.
And yes, that includes Marble Hornets. In fact, due to analysis of both myself and the Slender Tester, their hoax has gone down the toilet and they are now suffering from something that they decided to 'make fun of'. Marble Hornets started only a little while after the Create Paranormal Images phenomenon took place, so it only makes sense that their videos were fake to start off with. But now, thanks to our brilliant Philip Phenomenon, Slender Man is real now, and they're paying the price for their idiocy.
Sorry, I'd continue but my ride is here.
Peace be with you, runners.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm not a runner. . . not yet.

Hey guys.
Unfortunately, I'm letting my obsession with Slender Man get mixed up with my Time Gate blog.
So screw that, I'll just do two blogs at the same time.
As you all know, I'm known as Uzuki. And my biggest fear is the Slender Man.
"So why the hell would you start a blog about Slender Man if you fear him and you're not even a runner?" you may ask.
Because human beings are driven by fear.
You're afraid to move forward, farther into the darkness, but it's that very fear that drives you further into the darkness.
For me, that would be the darkness of insanity.
The darkness of our universe.
The darkness of what we human beings call 'knowledge'.
This entire blog is dedicated to the knowledge that we human beings fear.
The knowledge that you human beings refuse to face on your own.
I'm smart enough to know that the rumors are that most bloggers/vloggers who dare even mention a word about Slender Man over the internet don't last much longer than a few months.
But I'm also smart enough to know that that's a stupid theory.
"Some stories are true. Some are just more true than others," - M
M was a genius.
I looked up to his knowledge, how he figured out so many of the tricks for escaping from Slender Man. And not just him, but all the runners that worked alongside him.
James Matthews.
Mimi Shrawts.
Zeke Strahm.
And all the other bloggers that commented on his Slender Man blog, "The Tutorial".
I warned myself a long time ago that this wouldn't end pretty.
But I've decided to take the path of insanity. I took that path years ago, and I'm smart enough to know that there's no turning back now.
So allow me to say one thing on the subject.
"You human beings. . . are stupid."
The Philip Phenomenon.
It was mentioned by M constantly in his blog.
Back in the 70's, there was a group of Canadians (yes, they were Canadian, big deal, so am I) who decided to create a ghost named "Philip". This particular group of people would gather together constantly and think of nothing but Philip, focusing only on him, and they would even create the stories and history behind the creature.
Their goal was to will this creature into existence.
And unfortunately, they did.
Like M said, this is what the Slender Man is.
When he was created on Something Awful, so many people were interested by him, so many people were intranced by him, and more importantly, so many people were scared of him.
It's because of this constant thinking of the Slender Man that we eventually willed this demonic creature into existence.
That's all for today. I have to go.