Sunday, January 20, 2013

Notices and Nostalgia

Okay, I've got a few things I'd like to cover in this post, so I'm going to go over them quickly and make everything perfectly clear.

Shiniva Myrh - While she's been clarified to be dead, myself, as well as Serena Luona, as well as Shiniva's previous running companions, are still trying to piece together how she died. I made a notice up on her blog and I might cover it a bit here as a part of the Daily Runner News. She was my friend. I have to find out what happened.

Second, whoopdie doo, I just realized that this blog has been opened since 2011. Didn't think I'd be keeping it going this long. I think I was 14 when it started? Anyway, I'm 16 now. Time flies. 

Okay, nostalgia over. 

We've got a new worker here at Runner's United. Remember that Daulton fellow I mentioned in a few previous posts months back? Well, him and I became pretty good buds over the last long while and he's agreed to help me maintain this blog as well as the Youtube channel that I have associated with it. You'll be seeing posts not only from me, but from him as well (let's call him Miko just because real names are for idiots around here :3). He may be doing the Daily Runner News or he may just be giving updates. We'll see what happens. 

Also, while I'm on the subject . . . the Youtube channel. 

The Runner's United Youtube channel is . . . well, it's a piece of shit. There are only 3 videos, all three that I posted maybe a year or 2 years ago. I might start it up again if I can get a working camera (my sis has one but who knows how often I'll be able to use it) or whatever, so //hopefully// you guys can expect some stuff in the near future. 

Again, Miko and I are one of the only bloggers around here not on the run yet. We may as well take advantage of the life we have now by helping you guys as much as we can. 

Thanks, guys. As twisted as it may sound, its great to be a part of all this again. Peace be with you. 


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