Monday, October 17, 2011

Quick Note

Hey guys, I'm at school while writing this because my Internet is still out, so I don't have much time. But I only need a bit of time to explain what's going on with me today.

Well, I checked Zeke Strahm's blog for the first time in a while and it seems he hasn't updated for well over a month, although this isn't at all surprising considering what his last blog post was ( if you still don't know the URL for The Mystic), and the fact that he's in a ton of shit, so I'm not expecting him to put up a post any time soon. Same goes for M - most of us are pretty used to him disappearing for long periods of time now, at least, most of us should be. I consider myself pretty half-and-half, because I still tend to worry. And then there's my new pal Shiniva, from The Sharp End of the Blade/ Poor girl can't get onto her account to update because the network we call Internet has been failing to work for her as well, only unlike me, she has no clue why it isn't working for her, so she trusted me enough to send me her password so I could put a little note on her blog for her. Shiniva, I trust you're okay, even with all the shit that's been going on with you and Luka and Michael, but I know you'll be alright. Peace be with you, my good friend.


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