Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello, Hello.

Well, well, well, looks like I'm back for the first time in probably a year. It's been a while, Blogger.

So I don't know if I'll be doing much here, but I may just continue my research on the Slender Man, if that hasn't gotten too old. Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve, compileTRUTH, and everymanHYBRID are still posting videos, which gives me work to do. I have also started viewing darkharvest00's videos, which is probably one of the best channels I've ever watched for Slender Man sightings.

I don't have enough time tonight to recap everything that's happened over the past long while. So what I'll do over the next few days when I do have the time is create separate posts for each channel, recapping everything that's happened in individual super-long posts. Hopefully you all don't get too bored with it. Afterwards, I'll probably add my own speculations on everything.

As for the blogs, I have to catch up on my reading. M hasn't added anything at all over these months, so I'm completely disregarding him now, which saddens me. As for Zeke Strahm and the Mystic, I'll have to check to see if he's added anything of interest. Anything else worth reading? Not really. Even Shiniva barely updates.

So that's it for tonight. I'll start putting up the compilations tomorrow, if I can find the time to. Until then, stay tuned. (I may even start doing a few compilations in place of Dr. Cairo, considering his hands seem a bit full at the moment to do any on his own time . . . I'm not taking his job, I'm merely doing the Daily Runner News, as usual.)

-Uzuki Cheverie

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