Monday, November 19, 2012

Maybe Back, Maybe Not

Hey guys. Not much going on here. Nope. Not much at all . . .

Few strange occurrences here and there. My laptop monitor tears itself up every once in a while. Internet connections at friends' places go down whenever I'm near, but not when I'm at home . . .

And strange noises outside. I'd normally assume that they're coyotes, but it doesn't sound like the typical coyote. Too unnatural.

Other than that, though, I haven't seen anything, so it's allowed me to continue my research.

Hrm hrm . . . have you guys seen that Slender game? Pretty . . . crazy stuff. Although I'm hating the retards who think His name is "Slender" - I hope that they're the first ones to go.

That's all for today . . . hrm hrm . . .


  1. well wouldnt you want to say you met a fellow proxy? -Trip & Aquamarine